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dispute alt 250pxBy following generally accepted “Good Business” practices which is (Clear Contract, Proper Planning, Professional Execution, and good faith in applying the contract by both sides), usually help to avoid or at least decrease of arousing of disputes.
The main key to dispute avoidance is to expert monitor and review periodically of right contract application to confirm that they are properly alligned with the contract conditions and the applicable laws. Also the correspondence related to contractual obligations must be carefully drafted.
All agreements issued should address a process for getting all extra work approved in writing before proceeding. Every communication and agreement that affects price should be documented in writing immediately. The possible disputed issues must be resolved immediately and try getting the final decision about it.
Our Services are mainly providing you with the expertise required to help you getting more understanding of the possible disputed issues and the results which might get them if you recourse to one of the dispute resolution methods, that gives you the clear base of taking the right decision about the dispute resolution. Working in this way usually saves time and money.
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