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    One advise saves you a lot

    Clear vision leads surely to the right decision, ask for an expert advise & save yourself the pain.
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    Play the Right Engineering Move

    By monitoring your project from Start to End through engineering and construction experts.
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    Experts & Professionals

    Our team of experts (engineers and lawyers) have all the experience in resolving Engineering Disputes, International Arbitration and litigation support for construction claims.
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    International Accreditation

Dr.Kamal.MalasEng. Dr. Kamal Adnan Malas
PhD (Civ. Eng.) - BA, MS, in LAW
International Arbitrator accredited from various International Arbitration Centers. Next to his Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Law, he holds a PhD in management, visiting lecturer in many universities with over 30 years of experience in construction engineering (Design, Execution, Supervising and managing multi-millions projects. He is an accredited structural design engineer at the Dubai Municipality.
Being an engineer and lawyer with over 30 years of experience in construction engineering, strenghen his ability of being an excellent advisor for multi-millions projects since 1995. Dr. Kamal A. Malas participated in resolving more than 120 disputes what made him distinguished in the arbitration of construction engineering disputes. Dr. Kamal is professional in both Ad Hoc, and the Institutional Arbitration, and provide his services through applying the International Rules of Arbitration.

Accredited International Arbitrator in the following bodies:
Arrow Dubai International Arbitration Centre     Arrow Qatar International Arbitration Centre
Arrow Many International Arbitration Centres     Arrow Syndicate of Engineers - Syria
Arrow Ajman Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration        
Member of:
Arrow Society of Construction Law (UK-UAE Branch)     Arrow Society of Engineers (UAE)
Arrow Syndicate of Engineers (SAR)     Arrow Association of Jurist (UAE)